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Duplicating an Existing Job

Sometimes it is more convenient to make a copy of an existing job and adjust its options instead of creating a new job. ePublisher AutoMap allows you to duplicate an existing job. Then, you can modify the options as needed for your new job.

To duplicate an existing job

  1. Start ePublisher AutoMap.

  2. Select the job you want to copy in the ePublisher AutoMap main window.

  3. On the Job menu, click Duplicate.

  4. Specify the new job name, and then click OK.

  5. Specify the scheduling options as needed, and then click OK. For more information, see “Scheduling Jobs with Windows Scheduler” on page 349.

Once the new job exists, you can modify the job for your specific needs. For more information, see “Editing an Existing Job” on page 348.

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