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Updating Licensing

ePublisher automatically contacts the ePublisher licensing server as needed to obtain updated activation codes. ePublisher communicates with the ePublisher licensing server using an Internet connection. ePublisher obtains updated activation codes as appropriate based on the licensing specified in your Contract ID.

Note: If your ePublisher is installed in an environment without Internet connectivity, WebWorks can provide Contract IDs that support this environment. For more information, see “Managing Licensing in Environments without Internet Connectivity” on page 30

Typically, you will not need to request updated activation codes, as ePublisher obtains updated codes for your automatically. However, you can manually request updated activations codes in the ePublisher interface. For example, you may want to manually request updated activation codes if you know that the computer where you installed ePublisher will not have Internet access for a long period of time. When you request updated activations codes in the ePublisher interface, ePublisher immediately establishes an Internet connection to the ePublisher licensing server and automatically obtains updated activation codes for the ePublisher adapters for which you are licensed.

To update ePublisher licensing

  1. On the Help menu, click License Keys. ePublisher displays the input formats for which the component is licensed in the License Information window.

  2. Click Update. ePublisher retrieves updated activation codes from the ePublisher licensing server.

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