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Uninstalling ePublisher

If you are installing an ePublisher component that is of version 2009.3 or higher and your currently installed component is version 2009.2 or higher, then your component will automatically be uninstalled for you. Otherwise, before installing a new version of an ePublisher component, you must uninstall any previous versions of the component. Uninstalling an ePublisher component removes the installation folder and registry entries for the component from the computer.

If ePublisher installed the WebWorks Transit menu for Microsoft Word on the 'computer, ePublisher removes the WebWorks Transit menu and WebWorks Transit registry entries when you uninstall the last ePublisher component on the computer.

To uninstall an ePublisher component

  1. Close all ePublisher user interfaces.

  2. Close all instances of Microsoft Office applications running on the local computer, including instances of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Close all instances of Adobe FrameMaker running on the computer.

  3. Open Control Panel.

  4. Open Add or Remove Programs.

  5. Select the ePublisher component you want to uninstall.

  6. Click Remove.

  7. Click Yes to confirm you want to remove the ePublisher component from your computer. ePublisher removes the selected ePublisher component.

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