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Saving a Snapshot (Backup Copy) of Your Project

As you continue to make changes to your Stationery design project, you may want to revert to a previous state, before you implemented a specific feature. You can save a backup copy of your project and then use this backup copy at a later time, if needed.

As you develop your Stationery design project, periodically save a snapshot of your project. You can use this snapshot to revert to your Stationery design project at a specific point in time. This snapshot can also help you if your design project or Stationery become corrupted in the future. For more information about the specific files and folders, see “Backing Up Your Stationery Design Project, Stationery, and Projects” on page 200.

To save a snapshot (backup copy) of your project

  1. Save your project and close ePublisher.

  2. Copy your project folder and all its subfolders and files, and your source documents folder, maintaining the same structure, to another location. For example, create a folder with the date from today as the name. Then, copy your project folder and your source documents folder into the folder you created. This copy is your snapshot.

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