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Add Cross Reference Window

This window allows you to add cross-reference formats for the cross reference types you use in your source documents. A cross-reference format is a building block of text and code that defines how your cross-references are displayed in your generated output.

Cross-references help users navigate through your content. ePublisher automatically converts cross-references to links in the online content. However, you often want cross-references in your online content to use a different format from your printed content. For example, you usually include page numbers only in your printed content.

The fields are defined as follows:


Specifies the name of the cross-reference format.


Specifies the replacement content and building block code that ePublisher uses when generating your output. For example, a FrameMaker cross reference format may be <$paratext> to provide the text of the linked heading paragraph as the cross reference. For more information about the building block of text and code that defines your cross-reference format, see the documentation for the authoring tool you used when you created your source documents. For example, if you created your source documents in Adobe FrameMaker, see the Adobe FrameMaker documentation.

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