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Accessibility Settings

These settings are not supported in Microsoft WinHelp, PDF, Palm Reader, or Wiki output formats. The settings in this category are defined as follows:

Add link to skip navigation content

Specifies whether you want screen readers to skip over top-level navigation content on a page, such as breadcrumbs, previous and next buttons, and company information. If you enable this setting, when a screen reader reads the content on the page, the screen reader skips over the top-level navigation content and begins reading the page where the page content begins. This setting is supported in Dynamic HTML, Eclipse Help, Microsoft HTML Help, Oracle Help, Simple HTML, and XML + XSL, output formats.

Include visible [D] links to images with long descriptions

Specifies whether you want to include a link labeled [D] beside any image for which you provide a long description. When users click the [D] link, the link takes the user to a long description of the text. Because the [D] link is a standard hyperlink, it can be processed correctly by browsers and screen readers. This setting is supported in Microsoft HTML Help, WebWorks Help, Oracle Help, Dynamic HTML, XML+XSL, and Microsoft Reader output formats.

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