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What Is ePublisher?

The WebWorks ePublisher Platform (ePublisher) is a powerful, comprehensive solution that delivers cost-effective processes for efficiently publishing and maintaining online and print information. ePublisher gives you the flexibility to deliver content from multiple types of source documents, such as Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and DITA, in virtually any output format you need without incurring training or software deployment expenses. The open, standards-based architecture provides a powerful engine that does not lock your content in a proprietary format that can become outdated as tools and standards change.

With the robust combination of input and output formats supported by ePublisher, you can develop the content using your preferred content authoring tools, and then produce and maintain all your deliverables within a single publishing environment. You can implement a consistent look and feel across all deliverables and quickly modify and deploy that branding if and when needed. ePublisher integrates seamlessly with your content management or version control systems, so you can automatically generate and deploy the deliverables you need and reduce the time demands on your teams.