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Produce Single-Sourced Print and Online Optimized Content

Customers have different needs and expectations for product content. In many cases, producing information in multiple formats for users involves extensive conversion and customization work to develop and deliver the various formats. Content authors must shift their attention to manipulating and converting the content into the many different user formats, often for both print and online, instead of focusing their time and efforts on developing quality information for users.

With ePublisher, you can quickly and efficiently produce consistent, effective print and online content in multiple formats. ePublisher provides XML/XSL processing and intelligent caching to process your source documents faster than ever before.

ePublisher produces the formatting code for you, whether it is HTML, XML, RTF, Wiki Markup, or a completely custom format. You do not need to know how to tag files for various output formats. With ePublisher, content developers can produce a printable PDF manual and a comprehensive online help deliverable immediately after finishing their content using the Stationery defined separately from their content.