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Produce High Quality Deliverables with Fewer Individual Dependencies

Instead of requiring team members to understand the entire process to produce content in multiple formats, team members can focus on their areas of expertise. Content developers can create informative content to add value to the products and services they document. You can also expand the skills of individual team members into important new areas, which strengthens your team as a whole.

ePublisher lets you concentrate on producing high-quality content within the authoring environment that works for you. You spend much less time on designing, implementing, and delivering multiple output formats. With ePublisher, you quickly generate complete, ready-to-deploy publications.

ePublisher also allows you to preview, proof, and review your content before you publish and deploy it. The comprehensive reports and on-demand reporting help you identify and correct any issues that may effect your online content, such as invalid styles, missing links, and compliance with Web accessibility standards. In this way, ePublisher ensures that the content you produce is of the highest quality and consistency.