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Reduce Content Management Life Cycle Costs

Due to the limitations of the traditional content model, many organizations want to move to a single-sourcing environment. Single sourcing allows the same content to be used multiple times and delivered in different formats. Organizations use single sourcing to eliminate duplicate content, reduce content translation and maintenance costs, improve content consistency, and minimize errors. Single sourcing also allows organizations to produce information in various formats using the same source.

Many single-sourcing solutions require all content authors to use the same authoring tool. ePublisher allows you to develop the content using your preferred content authoring environments, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, or DITA. Each department can standardize on the authoring tool that is right for them, and ePublisher ties all the input formats together with a single, unified, reliable publishing process. ePublisher allows you to create integrated deliverables with source documents from multiple authoring tools.

With ePublisher, you can use your existing authoring tools and content management systems to meet organization-wide publishing needs without incurring training or software deployment expenses. The open architecture, based on industry-standard XSL, provides a flexible solution that you can customize to meet your needs without locking you into a proprietary format that could result in expensive future migration costs.