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Preparing to Upgrade

As you prepare to upgrade your ePublisher installation, ensure you perform the following steps:

When the Stationery designer creates and saves Stationery, ePublisher creates the following folders:

where StationeryName is the name the Stationery designer specified for the Stationery, and OutputFormat is the type of output format the Stationery Designer specified for a target in the Stationery.

The StationeryName\Formats\OutputFormat folder contains any customizations or overrides the Stationery designer specified when designing the Stationery. ePublisher Express synchronizes with the files in the OutputFormat folder and uses the information about customizations and overrides contained in files in the OutputFormat folder to generate output.

Note: The Stationery may have one or more OutputFormat folders, based on the settings the Stationery designer specified.

The StationeryName\Formats\OutputFormat.base folder contains copies of all the files located in the \Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher Pro\Formats\OutputFormat folder. These files define the default output format and transforms and are installed by default when you install ePublisher.

Stationery designers can do a compare, or diff, between the files located in these folders to quickly see any customizations or overrides specified for the Stationery. Stationery designers can use this information to help them reapply customizations and overrides as needed when designing a newer version of the Stationery in ePublisher Pro.

For more information about overrides, see “Understanding Stationery, Projects, and Overrides”.