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Reviewing Sample Exploring ePublisher Source Documents

Review the sample Exploring ePublisher source documents you included in the Exploring ePublisher project. You will use the sample Exploring ePublisher source documents to generate output using the Exploring ePublisher Stationery. Reviewing the sample source documents before you generate output will help you understand how writers prepare their source documents when they want to implement features such as popup windows, expand/collapse sections, related topics, and context-sensitive help topics in their generated output.

To review the sample Exploring ePublisher source documents

  1. If you added the Adobe FrameMaker Exploring source 'document, in Document Manager, double-click the Exploring file. ePublisher opens the Exploring file.

  2. If you added the Microsoft Word Exploring ePublisher.doc source document, complete the following steps:

  3. Double-click the Exploring ePublisher.doc file. ePublisher opens the Exploring ePublisher.doc file.

  4. On the Tools menu, click Options.

  5. On the View tab, in the Formatting marks area, select the Hidden text check box, and then click OK.

When writers format Microsoft Word source documents for output generation, Microsoft Word inserts some of the items writers use as hidden text. Displaying the hidden text in the Microsoft Word source documents helps you quickly and easily see online content formatting elements added to the Microsoft Word source documents.

  1. Review source document contents to become familiar with the content and the styles and formatting used in the source documents. After you review the source documents, generate output.