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Understanding Oracle Help Files

Oracle Help has several files that work together to define and create the Oracle Help solution. ePublisher incorporates these files into the compressed helpset file, so you do not need to distribute them to users.

Helpset .hs File in Oracle Help

The helpset .hs file contains descriptive information about your Oracle Help helpset. ePublisher generates this file using the template.hs page template. For more information about the helpset file, see the Oracle Help documentation.

Control .xml Files

The control .xml files define the table of contents, index, and topic aliases in your Oracle Help project. These files are named projectTOC.xml, projectMap.xml, projectLinks.xml, and projectIndex.xml, where project is the name of your ePublisher project. For more information about these files, see the Oracle Help documentation.

Full Text Search .idx Index File

The internal full text search .idx index file provides support for the full text search feature.

Manifest .mft File

ePublisher automatically generates the manifest .mft file. This internal file is used to create the final Java archive .jar file that you distribute to users.