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Designing Input Format Standards

ePublisher supports various input formats, such as Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and DITA. ePublisher provides a comprehensive solution to process your current source documents without any changes in them, based on your existing templates and formats. You can also insert a few additional styles, markers, or field codes in your source documents to implement some online features, such as expand/collapse sections in your generated output.

This section provides many strategies and best practices for preparing your input format standards. If you are designing new templates or reworking your existing standards, review these sections to identify ways to improve your standards. These sections may also give you ideas of ways to reduce maintenance costs for your content in the future. For example, if you have both FrameMaker and Word source documents, you can use the same paragraph style and format names in both source document types so you can more easily manage the styles in your Stationery.

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