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Defining the Default Processing of Conditions

In your source documents, you can define conditions and use them to show or hide parts of your content. ePublisher allows you to define the visibility for each condition in your project. The conditions that are available in your project come directly from your source documents. You can modify the value for any of your conditions, which affects how your conditional text is incorporated into your generated output. You can also select passthrough for a condition to insert the content directly into your output without being transformed and coded for your output format. This option allows you to directly add HTML coding or multimedia files to your output.

Note: You can also use PassThrough markers and the Pass Through paragraph style and character style options to insert content directionly into your output without being transformed and coded for your output.

To modify the value of a condition

  1. On the Project menu, select the Active Target you want to specify settings for.

  2. On the Target menu, click Conditions.

  3. Find the condition you want to modify.

  4. In the Value column, select the visibility option you want to use for that condition.

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