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Incorporating Changes Back Into Source Documents

An important point to consider before you deploy content to a Wiki is whether you plan to incorporate new or updated content from Wiki pages back into the source documents used by ePublisher to generate the Wiki pages.

ePublisher does not support the round-tripping of content, or generating Wiki pages using ePublisher, and then re-importing the Wiki pages back into ePublisher as source documents. Currently, changes made to content on Wiki pages must be manually re-entered into the source documents if you want to incorporate the changes made to Wiki pages into the next version of content ePublisher generates. This approach ensures content authors can thoroughly review and validate the content as needed for appropriateness and technical accuracy before inserting changes made to content on Wiki pages back into source documents.

If you do plan to try and incorporate some of the changes users make to Wiki pages back into source documents, typically a manager, content author, or other content owner identifies the additions or updates from Wiki pages that should be incorporated back into source documents using a change list. Writers then update the source documents as needed to include the new or updated content.

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