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Inserting Variables into Word

You can insert a variable into a source document after you apply a Microsoft Word template that contains the variables to your source document. If you want to use a variable that is not defined in a Microsoft Word template, you must create the variable in your source document before you can insert it. For more information about creating a variable, see “Creating Variables in Word”.

The following procedure provides an example of how to insert variables in Microsoft Word source documents using Microsoft Word 2003. Steps for inserting variables in Microsoft Word may be different in other versions of Microsoft Word.

To insert a variable into a Microsoft Word document

  1. Open the Microsoft Word source document in which you want to insert a variable.

  2. Place your cursor in the location where you want to insert the variable.

  3. On the Insert menu, click Field.

  4. In the Field names field, select DocProperty from the list.

  5. In the Property field, select the variable you want to insert in your source document from the list.

  6. Click OK. Microsoft Word inserts the variable into your Microsoft Word source document.

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