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Output and Console Customizations

Presenting information in print can involve very different presentation decisions than displaying information in an online, Web-friendly format. The appearance of the online content can vary from one platform to another, and one online format may have features that are not available in another online format.

In a transform performed by ePublisher, you can make several customization choices through various options in the ePublisher console. For example, target settings allow you to specify whether company information is displayed on the page, and where it is located on the page. Style Designer allows you to customize any style in the document to appear a certain way. By creating specific rules and conditions for how the document should appear when the transform is complete, you can add functionality or information for specific audiences, or implement specific features of a given format.

By using XSL, ePublisher allows you to customize the process even further. You can make additions, deletions, or modifications to the XSL files in ePublisher to further customize the output for your specific needs. You can even add, remove, or modify the options available in target settings and Style Designer.

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