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Deployment Configuration (Settings) Window

This window allows you to specify configuration settings for an output destination for a target that uses the Wiki - MediaWiki or Wiki - MoinMoin output format.

The fields are defined as follows:

Wiki Location

Specifies the URL location on the Wiki where you want to deploy the output. Specify the root of the Wiki. If the folder you specify does not exist, ePublisher will create this folder when deploying output.

Parent page

Specifies the URL page path where you want to deploy the Wiki output. This setting is an optional setting and is available for only MoinMoin Wiki. For example, use this setting if you want to deploy MoinMoin Wiki output for different releases to the same MoinMoin Wiki.

User name and password

Specifies a user account name and password for ePublisher to use when deploying Wiki output. Use this setting if the Wiki where you are deploying output has been configured to require authentication. For security, ePublisher encrypts the user name and password you specify.


Specifies the name of a user account with Write access to the Wiki and the ability to remotely push content to the Wiki.


Specifies the password for the user account with permissions to write content to the Wiki and remotely push content to the Wiki.