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Log Window

This window shows the status of project and report generation. The Log window identifies where errors occur when generating output files or reports and displays a detailed error message description.

When you generate output, ePublisher converts a source document to a target by breaking the process into a series of steps, also known as stages. Each stage performs a specific action in the process. ePublisher groups these steps into pipelines of related stages.

Each time you generate output or reports, ePublisher Pro creates an external log file, generate.log in the Logs directory of the selected project file. Send this log file to the ePublisher support team if you submit a support request. Click Save As in the Log window to save the current log contents as a text file in another directory.

The Log window automatically displays when you open the main ePublisher Pro window. If you close the Log window and need to reopen it, select Log Window on the View menu.

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