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The WebWorks ePublisher Platform Documentation

The WebWorks ePublisher Platform provides many resources to help you use the product components to deliver integrated, single-sourced information solutions:

Evaluation Guide

Provides general information about the product and guides you through the trial and evaluation process.

Design Guide

Provides strategy and best practice information for designing and deploying standardized Stationery for information development teams to use. This book defines terminology and provides the concepts and procedures you need to achieve the look and feel you want for your information deliverables. This book also outlines how to automate the publication process.

Writer Guide

Provides the information you need when developing content to publish. This book provides the concepts and procedures you need to create the source files and then publish those files using a defined Stationery.


Provides context-sensitive information and step-by-step guidance for common tasks, as well as descriptions of each field on each window. The Help provides a comprehensive, integrated deliverable that includes all the information from the books. To display the Help, click Content on the Help menu in the console. Wiki

Provides a comprehensive Wiki that delivers all the product documentation content in Wiki form, where it can be extended and enhanced by the ePublisher community.

Web Support

Provides additional solutions and information, such as tutorials, demos, Knowledge Base articles, and the WebWorks Wiki. You can access these resources at

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