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Steps to Obtain Your Google Analytics Account Identifier

  1. Visit the URL: From here you will access the account used to manage or view your website profile.

  2. If someone has already created a Google Analytics Account for your website, then you will need to have an Administrator user of the account grant you access to a specific Website Profile, which can restrict or grant access to certain functionality in Google Analytics.

Note: When an Administrator user grants you access to an Analytics Account, they will need your Google Account email address, which will then become the login you will use to access the analytics account.

  1. You may have access to more than one Analytics Account, so next, choose your account by selecting the link labeled with the correct account name. The Website 'Profiles available for this account when then be displayed.

  2. In the table labeled: Website Profiles, you will see the Google Analytics Account 'Identifier. All account identifiers will have the pattern: UA-XXXXXXXX-Y (i.e. UA-18761398-1). This is the value you will use for the ePublisher project format setting called: Google Analytics Identifier.

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