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Integrating ePublisher Online Help with the WebWorks Documentation Wiki

The ePublisher product team has integrated the ePublisher online help with the WebWorks documentation Wiki. This integration provides the following benefits:

For more information about how this integration appears to ePublisher users, see “Understanding ePublisher Online Help and WebWorks Documentation Wiki Integration”.

This section contains information about how the ePublisher product team performed the integration. If you want to perform a similar integration, understand that your steps may be different based on the following combination of factors:

The information provided here is provided only as example information. It is intended to help advanced ePublisher Stationery designers who are comfortable performing complex ePublisher Stationery designs and customizations better understand the approach the ePublisher team used when integrating the ePublisher online help system with the Wiki.

To integrate the ePublisher online help system with content on the Wiki, the ePublisher team performed the following actions:

The iframe is an inline frame from a frame set that allows you to embed a document within another document. The ePublisher product team embedded an iframe on each page of the ePublisher online help set in order to give the pages in the ePublisher online help system a way to communicate with the Wiki. Without the iframe, the pages in the ePublisher online help system cannot communicate with the Wiki because they are simply HTML files running on the local file system. The iframe element is required in order to provide the security context needed for communication back to the Wiki.

Following is an example of the iframe element added to the Page.asp file for the ePublisher online help system:

<iframe src="" wwpage:attribute-src="wiki-status-url" width="96" height="43" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">


For more information about working with Page.asp files, see “Customizing the Content Page Design”.

When users access a page in the ePublisher online help system, the following actions occur:

  1. The iframe element on each page of the ePublisher online help system communicates back to status.html page on the Wiki.

  2. The status.html page calls the AJAX JavaScript on the Wiki to do an AJAX request to determine if there is a difference between the contents of the page in the online help system and on the Wiki.

  3. If there is a difference, then the images presented in the frame on the ePublisher online help system page are updated to indicate new information is available.

  4. Users can click the appropriate link in the ePublisher online help system to see the updated Wiki content or add a comment to the page on the Wiki.

The ePublisher online help and Wiki integration provides simple yet powerful example of how you can link and integrate an online help system with a Wiki, leveraging the easy-to-use, approachable feedback mechanisms built into Wiki software to update, enhance, and extend your content in real time.

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